Darge "憎悪 Ódio" CD (Special Brazil Tour Edition 2010)

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Darge "憎悪 Ódio" CD (Special Brazil Tour Edition 2010) 

11 faixas com a caótica mistura de influências do hardcore Japonês (S.D.S.), Brasileiro (Olho Seco, Ratos de Porão e Lobotomia), Inglês (G.B.H., English Dogs, Antisect e Motörhead) e Sueco (Anti Cimex, Wolfpack e Driller Killer), potencializada com a explosão de energia crust, atmosfera D-beat, crueza punk e eletrizantes solos rock and roll. 

11 tracks with a chaotic mix of influences from Japanese (S.D.S.), Brazilian (Olho Seco, Ratos de Porão and Lobotomia), British (G.B.H., English Dogs, Antisect and Motörhead) and Swedish (Anti Cimex, Wolfpack and Driller Killer) Hardcore, which is enhanced with the explosion of crust energy, D-Beat atmosphere, punk rawness and electrifying rock and roll solos.

2010年春に敢行された岐阜の"DARGE"のブラジル・ツアー・スペシャル編集・限定盤!!クラストのエネルギーとD-BEATの気体を混ぜ合わせパンクのショックとロックンロールの爆発で構成されたカオティックミックスサウンド!!! 以下のバンドの影響大!!! Japanese(S.D.S.)、Brazilian (Olho Seco、Ratos de Porao and Lobotomia)、British (G.B.H.、English Dogs、Antisect and Motorhead) and Swedish (Anti Cimex、Wolfpack and Driller Killer) 全11曲収録!!日本国内向けには合計150枚しか輸入されなかったとのことです。KARASU KILLER RECORDSからのリリース!
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