Aberrant "Complete Grindworks" 2LP

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Aberrant "Complete Grindworks" 2LP 

Os americanos do Aberrant lançam "Complete GrindWorks", trata-se de uma discografia completa em luxuoso vinil duplo, gatefold e LP de 120gramas! 33 sons sendo 3 inéditos (gravados com Dave Otero na bateria), totalizando 62 minutos de pura desgraça sonora caótica brutal grind/death, na mais pura insanidade mental. O Aberrant se prepara para entrar em estúdio e gravar sons inéditos para split LP com a banda paulista D.E.R. e em breve fará uma mini turnê com o Darge pelo Japão em dezembro de 2010, fique por dentro!

The americans from Aberrant are now releasing Complete GrindWorks, their complete discography in a deluxe, gatefold, 120 grams double vinyl version! Thirty three songs, three of them previously unreleased (recorded with Dave Otero on drums), totalling 62 minutes of pure disgraceful, chaotic and brutal grind/death, mental insanity at its best.
Aberrant is now preparing to go back in the studio and record some new tunes for a split LP with D.E.R. from São Paulo and soon they will tour with Darge in Japan (december 2010). Stay tuned! 

アメリカのAberrantは今、完璧なグラインドワークスをリリースしている。ゲートフォールド仕様で120グラムのダブルビニールバージョンの完璧なまでのディスコグラフィー。未発表曲含んだ33曲、全62分の吐き気を催す、混沌と残虐なbrutal grind/death。残虐な精神に最適。Aberrantは今、スタジオに戻りサンパウロのDERとのスプリットLPのレコーディングを行い、日本のDARGE共に2010年12月に日本ツアーを行うでしょう。

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