Groaning Groove s/t LP

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Groaning Groove s/t LP 

Groaning Groove iniciou suas atividades em 1999, nesse tempo lançaram um split tape com Rinto e dois 7'EP's feito na melhor maneira independente! Em seguida a banda participou do V/A Deny the Report 5 CD lançado pela Too Circle Records em 2008, split 7' com Tantrum (Toquio) e de um 3 way split 7' com Your Pest Band e Defect Defect. Desde então a banda segue na cena até hoje. Altamente recomendado para fans de Black Flag, Offenders/ D.O.A / Wipers / Poison Idea/ Gang Green, na veia Japoneses rápidos, matadores HARD & Rockin 'high-tension CORE PUNK 

Groaning Groove started in 1999, this time released a split tape with Rinto and two 7'EP's, best done in an independent way! The band participated V/A Deny the Report 5 CD released by Too Circle Records in 2008, split 7'EP with Tantrum (Tokyo) and in a 3 way split 7' with Your Pest Band from Japan and Defect Defect from USA. Since then the band follows in the japanese scene until today. Highly recommended for fans of Black Flag, Offenders / DOA / Wipers / Poison Idea / Gang Green vein Japanese fast KILLER HARD & Rockin 'high-tension CORE PUNK!!! 

東京を中心に勢力的な活動を続ける川崎・登戸のGROANING GROOVE!! これまでに、2枚の自主制作単独EPと、split cassette w/RINTO-SS(自主制作)、split EP w/TANTRUM(HARDCORE SURVIVES)、split EP w/DEFECT DEFECT/YOUR PEST BAND、そしてVA/DENY THE REPORT 5 CD(TOO CIRCLE)にも参加、満を持してフルアルバムをTOO CIRCLEよりリリース!! 今までの集大成ともいえる内容となる本作は、マスタリングをアメリカの某所で行い、より荒々しい本来のGROANING GROOVEのライブに近い等身大の内容!! BLACK FLAG/OFFENDERS/D.O.A/WIPERS/POISON IDEA/GANG GREENなど'80s US HARDCOREサウンドを通過し、ハイテンション&ロッキン、そしてヒネリも加えた個性あふれるHARD CORE PUNKサウンドでワイルドにブッちぎっり!!! ジャケットはお馴染みYossie氏による力作! シンプルながら彼らならではのセンス良過ぎる全13曲! 
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