LO-FI "Meddling in Regressive Rock" CD

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ブラジル出身の彼らの今作「Meddling in Regressive Rock」は特別な作品。それは「Ultra Cosmic Blues」のあとにリリースされたLO-FIの最新アルバム。この作品では彼らが初期の頃に影響されていたファスト・ハードコアのビートによるショート・ソングも含め、バンドの様々な一面を見ることができるだろう。バンドの最近のコンセプトである、キーボードやオルガンといった楽器を使用したダークで悪夢のような空気感も漂ってくる。新しい時代の幕開けを描き出した「Meddling in Regressive Rock」は、このバンドにとって究極の作品なのである。ハードコア・パンクの持つエナジーに充ち溢れ、そしてアメリカン・ロックンロール・スウィングやブラジルのオリジナル・フォーク・ミュージックの要素をも併せ持った、リグレッシヴ(回帰的)ロックンロール・バンド、それがLO-FIだ。9曲入り。

Regressive Rock and Roll Band, full of hardcore punk energy, american rock and roll swing and brazilian original folk music. With english charming lyrics and smart ideas, tha álbum Ultra Cosmic Blues, is the band trademark which evolution is stated. Available on Spotfy and Bandcamp.

This album opens perfectly with “Purple Sage” ‘Silver and Gold” and “Blessed Wolf” a three songs piece showing how the band grew up intense from the previously releases and maintaining the powerful vocals as usual. The álbum keep going exploring love and simple things in life that anyone can relate to, like people, places and things. The track, “I wish I could be like Allen Woody” is, at the same time a well drumming track homage to a great musician, and a naive person´s blues who can´t get what he want, but what he need. Feautured track “Dr. 100Watts” is where the King Crimson influences meet punk influences, check the highlight bass drums of the album The Track “Love” you will figure George Jones is a king for the band, enough said. The closing track is a unplanned last minute jam session. Amazing to see how the band flows from part to part during the song with confidence and unity of the members.

Formed in Brazil, Lo-Fi decided thats the way to live, always on the road, getting know new people everyday, knowing different cultures, never stop working, living the music they make. Made their debut álbum in 2008 and so on with a every year new release. After playing every venue, festival, bar, club and state in Brazil, they already tour twice the US and now planning the third tour, besides Japan Tour next year and the goal to play the renowned summer festivals in Europe. 

Lo-Fi have new and raw energy, the music is persuasive, powerful, misterious, a mix of cultures and intelligences in a rock and roll environment. 


Meddling in Regressive Rock is a special record: it’s the last Lo-Fi album, released after Ultra Cosmic Blues, and more importantly: it combines almost all of the strengths of the group so far, recalling back even to their early influnces such as, fast hardcore beats, short songs. Combined toother instruments as keyboards, organs with the dark, even nightmarish atmosphere of more recent adopted concept of the band as they like to say, Regressive Rock, making Meddling in Regressive Rock  an album that stands firm as a final opus until the band reinvente themselves in the dawning of these new times they are facing.
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